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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 21, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PST

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports" cuts. who will pay the price if washington can't avert the sequester? president obama is tailoring his sales pitch today by talking to al sharpton and other minority radio hosts and yesterday by appearing on tv stations in states that will be hard hit by defense cuts. >> instead of us cutting education, instead of us kegt mental health programs, instead of us affecting military readiness and a whole range of other things that are really important to our security and our prosperity, we should be focused on programs we know don't work, waste in government, and some of these tax loophole that is we can close that frankly only benefit the well off and the well connected. >> in connecticut today vice president biden and parents of a
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7-year-old sandy hook victim are tackling gun violence together. >> plus, a first fashion line. could a fragrance be next? jimmy kimmel sees opportunity knocking for the strug lingpost office. >> introducing a new fragrance by the u.s. postal service. manila. >> manila. >> smell like an envelope. go places. manila. manila. express mail your senses.
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hmm, paper. adhesive. manila by the u.s. postal service. the smell of mail. >> i think he is on to something. good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. president obama and congressional republicans remain worlds apart on a realistic solution to prevent billions of dollars in automatic cuts. the sequester from kicking in march 1st. right now the politics are trumping any movement towards compromise. joining me now for our daily fix chris calizza, msnbc contributor and managing of post, and washington post reporters laurie montgomery and nia malika henderson. chris, first to you. set the stage for us. there's no solution in sight. is the white house expecting it has the high road in terms of politics of it and that republicans will be on the defensive because i don't see any way they're bridging the
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gap. there is no outward ed that began is being bridged. i think the government sees the only way it could be bridged by agreeing with some tax increases, and they say, you know what, all these cuts, sure it's a meat clever approach, not a scalpel, but at least they're cuts, and it's not about tax increases. we kind of -- they believe that to maintain the core of who the republican party is, they have to not negotiate here. it seems to me that for certainly this point and maybe even last week we were in the political positioning rather than policy proposal stage of this game. they haven't even met. nobody is doing anything to prevent this from happening. >> there's no expectation that they will prevent it from happening because at this point there's no ground for compromise. >> the republican even if they
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wanted to stop it from happening couldn't because they don't have a majority in their caucus that thinks it's a bad idea to have the sequester. it's difficult to compromise with guys who want to raise taxes when the people in your party don't even agree that you're stopping something terrible. >> this sort of segmented approach, al sharpton, and other radio hosts to talk about how it would affect low income communities, urban communities. yesterday it was the radio -- the tv host from local stations where there are big military installation wrshz. >> that's what the president is trying to do. rally some support around stopping the sequester. one of the problems i think that the sequester has had is it doesn't sound like the fiscal cliff. you almost need a rebranding. ben bernanke here to call it something else. people aren't afraid of it. peel aren't tuned into it. that's what the president is doing. going to these different groups and talking about it as if it's the end of the world in some ways. republicans feel like at this point they see the polls just like obama does, but they feel like once this thing goes into effect and people are waiting in
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lines at the airport, that maybe the tide will turn, and obama will also start to get some of the blame as well. no surprise there, though, asking the white house to withdraw the nomination. this is almost in the nature of a stunt because these were always no votes on hagel, and obviously the white house isn't going to listen to 15 republican senators opposing chuck hagel, whom they say they're sticking with. what are the other pit falls going forward as we await action on hagel next week? >> you know, i think you've hit on it, an dre. we continue to await action on hagel next week. in theory the pit fall is something comes out in the next couple of days that in some way disqualifies him. i know not one of the 15 republican senators who signed this letter asking president obama to withdraw chuck hagel as his nominee for secretary of defense held even a 1% hope that
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that would happen. they do not think that hagel is the right person on the right time. i do think it's worth noting is john mccain. we've talked about john mccain and chuck hagel. once very close friends. mccain during the chuck hagel confirmation hearing was one of the most poignant, maybe ted cruise was the most poignant, but one of the most pointed critics of haling. mccain not putting his name to that letter. it's -- this seems like a foregone conclusion here in that this is much more for the public record and for history's sake why this letter was sent. >> and one more thing. before we leave, hagel, is this whole stir yesterday where.
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>> did you take money from the friends of hamas? >> it's lake-effect like this was a star claim we are bsh it got some legs, and it was all about theater. when you had all those senators, you know, people like cruise questioning him, talking about the friends of hamas, i mean, they were out for blood when it came to hagel and how to make a design in some ways. >> without even checking factual basis for their questions. >> no. >> you can ask anything and create a soundbyte, and people pick it up in social media, and it's off and running. >> there was some degree of embarrassment among republicans. even as they were saying slow this whole thing down, i mean, they clearly were uncomfortable blocking the president's nomination for defense secretary on the basis of such accusations. >> one more thing. the new -- chris, the new pew foundation poll on guns, let's talk about where the american
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public is right now after this white house focus on gun violence. zoomt i feel like in some ways one poll suggests some movement, but then there is other data that suggests there isn't that much. you've seen these numbers. 83%. ban on assault weapons, 56%. ban on high capacity clips, majority of favor. large majorities favoring all of these things, and, yet, if you talk to folks who were involved in writing the legislation or thinking what will pass, you know, maybe the high ammunition clips, maybe broadening background checks, that looks like probably the best one. the majority of american public on all three of those issues in a strong majority on one of them saying, yes, we favor this, but congress does not appear -- i would be stunned if the three
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principles laid out were part of the broader gun control package. there is a disconnect there, and, you know, it's ease where i to lay the disconnect at the feet of the nra, and they have so much influence. that's part of it. i think there's more there. i'm kind of interested as a reporter to find out what it is because there is that disconnect. >> it's not only in southern states. it's not just in western states. i covered pennsylvania politics for years. >> when guns became part of that will conversation as well, and clinton won the pennsylvania primary. guns are part of a culture in new york, in new hampshire, in maine where the nra is going after susan collins in part of their advertising. it's a hard vote for members of congress. >> thank you very much. thanks to the washington post and roy montgomery and kneea malika. thank you very much. >> joining me now is maryland
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congressman chris van holland, the ranking member on the house budget committee and a member of the democratic steering committee that is going to hold a hearing this afternoon "hearing" on sequestration. thanks for being with us. >> it's good to be where you. >> you're not in the majority. you can't schedule a hearing. this is kind of a forum. is that a fair characterization? >> that's right, andrea. yeah. we wish that our republican colleagues would hold an official hearing to understand the terrible consequences of the sequester. it's the biggest consequence being that according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office we will lose 750,000 american jobs, in addition to all the other disrupgs at airports and other things that you are talking about. unfortunately, our house republican colleagues haven't allowed us to have that kind of hearing, so we're going to get this input in this more
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unofficial manner. >> but congressman, at this stage there are no meetings. i know you're not in the majority, but there are no proposals from either side. you know as well as the white house that the republicans say they will not consider revenues. what's going to happen after the sequester kicks in that's going to change anything before the continuing resolution deadline at the end of the month? >> well, andrea, it's true that during this congress we haven't heard any proposals from any of the republicans in the house or elsewhere to avoid the sequester. however, both the house democrats and the senate democrats have put forth very similar proposals that have essentially been embraced by the president that would endorse -- that would avoid the sequester. they call for a combination of targeted cuts instead of these across the board cuts, and the elimination of special interest tax breaks. in the house case for oil and gas industries, but also for
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very high income individuals. we have put forward a proposal on the table. in the house just like our republican colleagues haven't allowed to us have a hearing, they haven't even allowed us to have a vote on our proposal, so clearly they're determined to allow these across the board cuts take place even though it's going to cost over 750,000 jobs and this disruption. i think the question, andrea, is after these cuts begin, how long will it take for republicans to come to their senses and agree to a balanced replacement for the sequester? >> now, congressman, i wanted to ask you about your travels and ask you about alan gross, the usa id contractor who has been in jail for these years in cuba. tell me how he is. >> well, i was pleased, andrea, to have a chance to meet with alan gross. he and his wife, judy gross, are constituents of mine. i knew them before he was taken prisoner many cuba. look, he wants two things.
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he wants to be released, and we assured him we're doing everything possible to secure his release. in the meantime, he simply wants an opportunity to visit his very elderly and sick mother with the understanding that he would return, that he would provide assurances and that we would provide assurance that is if he can have a chance to meet with her and visit her before she dies that he would then return to cuba, so we talked to alan gross about those things. in addition to how he tries to keep himself, you know, focused and avoid getting totally depressesed about his situation. >> did you get any traction on that? i don't know if you were in on the meeting of pat leahy had with raul castro. >> i did have a meeting with raul castro. one with senator leahy and one with myself and other members of
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the group, and i raised this issue directly with president raul castro, and indicated that many of us want to see an improvement in u.s. american relations. my personal view is that our policy has been stuck in a cold war mentality. it would be in the interests of both the united states and cuba to move forward, but that the continued detention and imprisonment of alan gross is an obstacle to moving forward. so i urge the president to release alan gross and told him that i had promised judy fwroes, alan's wife, that i would deliver that message in person. >> as i understand tshg the cubans want some reciprocal action on the so-called cuban five, the five prisoners who are jailed here and convicted of espionage. is there any possibility that there could be a prisoner exchange or a quid pro quo, or should there be?
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>> we made it very clear that these are very different individuals who are in jail for very different circumstances, and there is no quid pro quo here. we have said that from the beginning, and we continue to make that clear. we also believe that there are opportunities to improve relations between our two countries that would benefit the united states with additional exchange of goods, allow more americans to travel to cuba, but that it's not possible to move forward so long as we have this unjust detention of alan gross, and so we're continuing to urge them to consider all these factors and release them immediately. >> and i am finally -- i know we don't have much time, but iran, according to the international atomic energy agency from the
10:17 am
u.n. iran has made it official sxshgt iaea has made it official, awhat we expected, that iran is adding high grade centrifuges at their nuclear facility and this will enable them to enrich more uranium and to a higher grade. how concerned are you? we're supposed to have talks, meetings with iran in kazakhstan next week. are you concerned that they're going past a point of no return? >> well, this is clearly a very alarming development. the talks that are coming up that you just mentioned in kazakhstan will be an opportunity to resolve this, but the big question is whether or not the iranians are really prepared to seize that opportunity or whether or not they're using these talks to drag things out and allow themselves to continue to enrich uranium to the point that they have enough uranium -- enriched uranium to build a nuclear weapon, which the president has said very clearly and very
10:18 am
rightly it is not acceptable to the united states. >> thaurpgsz for being with us. >> more on iran's defiant step ahead of those nuclear talks. how will the u.s. and israel respond? later, the dramatic developments of today's bail hearing for oscar pistorius. this is andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc.
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some disturbing news today coming from the u.n.'s nuclear watch dogs agency, the iaea which reports officially that iran has started installing advanced september finalings at
10:22 am
its main uranium enrichment plant. michael leiter is a former director of the national anti-terrorism center and cyber security analyst. michael, first of all, we expected this from iran. they did warn the iaea that they were doing this, but this is just another step forward toward what could be an approaching showdown with israel and the united states ahead of talks that are to take place in kazakhstan next week. >> it is, and it's an especially dynamic time, as you note. it's a week before the first meeting in almost a year, i believe, of the p-6 nations to discuss the way forward on iran, potentially to offer some incentives to them to -- on the economic sanctions if they reduce some of the nuclear activity. this certainly does not contribute to a willingness, i would think, on the part of the p-6. also, it's just a few weeks before the elections in iran, and although the supreme leader
10:23 am
has incredible sway there, there is a segment amount of disent within the country, and those electric elections in iran will help us understand whether there is any opportunity before the time expires either this summer or a little bit later from the perspective of israel for having a peaceful resolution to this. >> in fact, we should just point out "morning joe" israel's ambassador to the united states said that the red line for the closing of the window of opportunity or vulnerability is this summer. that israel -- that's their red line. they don't want to wait until iran even is potentially creating a bomb. they want to act before they no longer, you know, have the ability to see what iran is doing. >> and i think there will now be a lot of analysis about how this announcement about the new centrifuges affects that red line. the fact that they're going to connect it doesn't actually mean that they're up and spinning, so you are actually enriching the uranium. it may take time to do that. it seems very unlikely this would push israel's red line out
10:24 am
farther into the future, and it would likely either keep it the same or move it back potentially. >> and netanyahu has just now finally been able to create a new government, a new coalition government. he is weakened in that he had to create this government with the former foreign minister of the op sfwligs -- former opposition party, which then dissolved. but the point is he is going to be meeting with president obama in late march and this is a very critical time for both of our countries. let me ask you a related question. related in that iran's progress towards a nuclear weapon or whatever it is that they are working on would certainly be slowed by a couple of years by whoever -- i'm not going to put ow the spot because you were in government at the time -- whoever messed with their computer systems, the computer virus. we know there were suspicions that it was the united states and israel. now the whole issue of cyber
10:25 am
attacks from china. i have never seen so much public conversation about this. there's the new report that suggested for the first time that it was not just china generically, but china and this particular unit, an elite unit, of the military. >> what we've seen over the past two weeks is really an explosion of press around the cyber security issue, and i frankly think that's a very good thing because what people on the inside and people in corporate america have seen over the past couple of years is an absolute explosion of theft the u.s. corporate secrets and intellectual property by the chinese made public, as you said, this week, at least some of that by the people's liberation army. what some in the u.s. intelligence community have termed the largest transfer of wealth many history as the chinese have taken the sensitive economic secrets from the u.s. and then put them to use for chinese economic purposes. that has -- those reports along with presidential activity and the issuing of the executive order to try to strengthen u.s.
10:26 am
sovereign defenses, those are early steps, but i think we still have lots of time to see how this develops. we're going see legislation from the hill. the house intelligence committee is already offering some up. the senate in the past has had some. there are iffing to be fights over what that legislation says. how much privacy is included in it, how information is shared. we're also going to see how tough the administration really does get with china. ultimately we can defend a lot, but the question is can we deter the chinese and other nations from actually attacking us? >> well, one big question now that the administration has to decide. does this define our relationship diplomatically? the president meets with the new chinese leader whom he met when he was vice premier. when the transition in china takes place and they have their first summit, is this the first thing that the president brings up? we cannot have a stable relationship with you and a trading partner relationship if you continue these attacks that
10:27 am
you deny. >> my inclination is honestly the interests between the u.s. and china are too broad for any one issue to really truly define and be dispositive about that relationship. we've just been talking about iran. we have in previous sessions talked about north korea. we've talked about action at the security council related to syria. these are all issues where the u.s. and china and russia for that matter have to find common ground and cooperate. now, cyber security absolutely now is in the president's top talking points, but whether or not he confronts them and says nothing else can work before we solve this cyber security problem, i don't actually think the administration is yet there. >> and, in fact, may never be there. let's just look who is holding our debt. just another minor issue. >> that's right. >> michael, thanks very much sfwroosh my pleasure. >> and coming up next, in the politico briefing, rick scott's surprise reversal drawing fire in florida. [ male announcer ] marie callender's finally found a way
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>> this is going to be deaf stating for patients, devastating for taxpayers. it's going to be the biggest job killer ever. we're not going to i want mremt obama care in florida. we're not going to implement this medicaid expansion. sfoo the federal government shouldn'ting telling us what we can and can't buy. this is will be the biggest job killer ever. >> well, apparently governor rick scott in florida didn't think it was such a job killer after all. the outspoken governor whose state launched the lawsuit in the first place against obama care and led to the supreme court decision, is now embracing a crucial part of the law. the expansion of medicaid. politico's alex burns joins me now for today's politico briefing. alex, he now falls in line behind several other republican governors who were previously outspoken against obama care. they are now going along with it. why? >> andrea, it's hard to overstate what a sharp reversal this is for rick scott, that for him to suddenly get on board with a key component of obama care. it would be like if we started hearing elizabeth warren talk
10:32 am
about repeeling dodd frank. for scott it really reflects the seriousness of his own political peril going into the 2014 cycle. unlike other republican governors, like scott walker, chris christie who did unpopular stuff at the beginning of their terms, but then saw their numbers recover, scott has been stuck in the pits and is struggling to get away from the image of himself as a cold very sort of draconian conservative governor. >> he is now joining a group that includes jan brewer in arizona, brian sandoval and martinez in new mexico, and kasic in ohio. this is a pretty powerful group of republican, you know, stars in their party who are now going along with the president's signature initiative. >> it is. when you look at the governors who have sort of dug in on rejecting the medicaid expansion, we're talking about states like texas, mississippi, alabama, south carolina. there's also wisconsin.
10:33 am
mostly we're talking about states that just are not particularly politically competitive. it is kind of -- democrats have predicted for a couple of years that key provisions of obama care would turn out to be popular once they were implemented, and it looks at this point like some republicans think medicaid expansion is one of them. >> what is the relative popularity of the health care program? >> it is sort of steadily improved since the supreme court ruling upholding the law. i think the view certainly on democrats and some republicans is that as long as there was that court challenge looming over the affordable care act, there was just a sense in the public that maybe it's not totally legitimate. now that the court has validated it, i think voters are more willing to give it a chance. >>. >> thank you very much for the politico briefing. up next, the hezbollah connection in syria's ongoing civil war. plus, a shake-up in the oscar pistorius investigation as the olympic sprinter spends a third day in court. [ male announcer ] why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious?
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in the headlines now today on "andrea mitchell reports" major weather. a major storm across the united states. heavy snow, sleet, and freezing rain are pushing through the plains and midwest states while tornadoes produce severe thunderstorms if the south. the snow in the west blanketed the dove mountain golf course just north of tucson. pga pros were expected to begin a match play. tournament play there today. three people are dead and another three were injured today after gunshots range out on the las vegas strip. passengers inside a black range rover opened fire on a maserati at an intersection this morning causing a deadly crash. police are still searching for the suv and its passengers. and pope benedict xvi may enact one final reform before he leaves his post at the vatican. possibly allowing for the
10:38 am
conclave to start before he officially steps down. current church law forces cardinals to wait at least 15 days after the papacy is vacant to begin the process of picking a successor. the fact that benedict is still alive could help drive some change. in syria today state tv says that 53 people were killed, more than 200 were wounded by a car bombing in damascus. at least three attacks many the capitol today. after merely two years the civil war has claimed more than 70,000 lives. joining us now is pulitzer prize winning writer and reporter dexter whose latest reporting in "the new yorker" i will lyme lum natures why a solution to this crisis has been so elusive. thanks. it's great to see you. thanks very much. you really were digging into hezbollah, its roots in beirut, of course, in lebanon, but also the iranian proxy war that is being fought in the civil war in
10:39 am
syria. what is your bottom line in terms of the role of hezbollah, away we're seeing today in these bombings arks consideringed to most of the experts, please weigh in, is that this is really a sign of rebel strength closing in on the assad regime. >> well, it is. to try to connect all the dots here, which is really not ease where i to do -- if you could draw a line and call that the she ooit access. hezbollah, which is a shiite armed group, also political party has been covertly -- everybody kind of knows about it now, but covertly helping the assad regime fight -- to fight the rebels. the iranian renl i'm has been doing the same thing. it's converging in syria. it's coming together. it's a proxy war. it's a hezbollah in lebanon that's been deeply involved now.
10:40 am
>> when you talk to officials, how do you see this playing out for them? are they simply propping up assad because he represents their sectarian interests, or do they have other hopes for power plays, power sharing in syria after they -- the fall of assad? >> well, no. it's really dangerous for them. >> that could blow back into lebanon and basically could you have a sectarian war in lebanon, and that is what everybody is so terrified about? >> it would not be the first time either. in terms of syria, we have john kerry going to europe next week.
10:41 am
in rome he will be meeting with rebel leaders. opposition leaders. frankly, in the senate john kerry was actually among those voices calling for more engagement, more activist role. at stake now is whether we support a no supply zone. >> can i tell you what some of the syrian rebels said to me when i met them in lebanon not long ago. they said the fighting is horrendous. i mean, i spoke with a rebel commander just across the border in lebanon. he said the fighting is awful. >> if he with don't become more engaged or support the rebel leaders now, we will not be a
10:42 am
factor at all in the successor regime, which they will have a big role in. >> i think what everybody is worried about here -- and i think -- i can't speak for the obama administration, but i think it's pretty clear why they don't want to get involved is because what comes after assad? nobody can answer that right now. the opposition in syria is very -- it's not very well organized. it's very divided. so the fear really is mother iraq, right? you bring down the goeft and then what do you have? you have chaos. that's -- that's what everybody is worried about. i think the argument that people like senator mccain are making is, look, assad is going to fall eventually, and we need to -- we need to be able to exercise our leverage. the only way we're going to be able to do that is if we get closer to the rebels because ultimately they're going to win, and i think that's what's going to play out this week. >> is the bottom line choice go for the no fly zone but don't participate in arming the rebels
10:43 am
because of the concerns about the weapons blowing back owes, the al qaeda influences the other forces that we can't control inside that witch's brew, if you will, inside syria right now? >> frankly, i would be surprised if we go that far. my sense -- you know, you can't predict the future, and you certainly can't predict what the administration is iffing to do on this, but the obama administration has been very, very wary of getting involved in this war. it's been going on for two years ash as you said, there's 70,000 people dead. they're just afraid of getting involved in what looks like something that's going to go on for years, frankly, and is going to get very, very bloody and stay that way for a long time. they're just -- they just are very, very cautious about getting involved in that. >> what we've -- what we know now is if the president who has been so occasions, dexter, as you know, leon panetta and the chaerm of the joint chiefs, martin dempsey, and hillary clinton all mtd to be more vigorously involved, but it was
10:44 am
the white house and the president who was not willing to take those steps, and very cautious about that engagement. thank you very much for your reporting in the new yorker on this terrible syrian crisis. now, it is almost two years and more than 70,000 people that have died. thanks, dexter. >> thank you. >> coming up next, vice president joe biden in connecticut as we speak talking about gun violence. only miles from the site of the newtown massacre. health care noise, i didn't always watch out for myself. with unitedhealthcare, i get personalized information and rewards for addressing my health risks. but she's still going to give me a heart attack. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit the marshall conversation about gun violence is going on in connecticut again today. right now vice president joe biden is speaking at western connecticut state university. ten miles from newtown. >> facts are culture is not killing 25 people a day. it's weapons with high capacity magazines. it's criminals who get guns without going through a
10:48 am
background check. also they say there are too many of these weapons out there already, so why do anything about putting more out? the ban will have no affect? that's certainly no argument to continue to proliferate weapons we don't think are healthy in society. for the president and me it's a simple proposition. tragically highlighted by what happened in newtown. we can't remain silent. we have to speak for all those voices. we have to speak for those 20 beautiful children who died 69 days ago 12 miles from here. they can't speak for themselves. we have to speak for the voice of those six adults who died trying to save the children and their care that day who can't speak for themselves. you have to speak for the 1,900 people who have died at the other end of a gun just since sandy hook in this country. 1,900 just since that day.
10:49 am
they can no longer speak for themselves. katilyn, a 20-year-old kentucky woman shot and killed in a college parking lot after domestic dispute. a 4-year-old boy, probably just learning how to tie his shoes. who was caught in a drive-by shooting in kansas city. ida, 15-year-old chicago girl who the president and i literally watched pass the reviewing stand in front of the white house as a majorette on inauguration day shot dead in a park near her school. arni, an honor student, a kid played in the band. the kid was -- both her parents were college educated. she was working like hell. she went to the park and was sitting on a swing. 12:00 noon. jenai mcfarland was gunned down just moments before her sister joined president obama. 25 people dead from gun
10:50 am
homicides every day in this country, and it doesn't count the scores of mothers, sons, daughters whose lives have been irrevokably altered. folks, let me say this as clearly as i can. there are going to be a lot of voices -- >> the vice president in connecticut with an emotional appeal to do something about gun violence. nbc's peter alexander, white house correspondent at the white house right now. they are really keeping up the pressure. what do they think they can achieve in terms of legislation, peter? >> no, andrea, you're exactly right. the timing of these remarks, i think, are significant given the fact that we're only eight days away from the beginning of sequestration. the white house and allies on this issue are really trying to press the cause right now, fearing that the issue of pursuing ways to combat gun violence could be diluted by the focus on other issues, the budget crisis that are facing washington right now. even as we speak, we hear joe biden who, as you see, is speaking right now organizing
10:51 am
for action, what was formerly obama for america has put out an e-mail to a lot of its supporters, encouraging them to reach out to their congress members to tell them a personal story or why they want gun violence to be combatted. why they are pursuing tore background checks to be put in place or expanded, why they want to see an assault weapons ban, and the nra for its part is also getting more actively involved, an trae. the pac for the nra we learned raised more than $1 million last month alone. wayne lapierre referred to some of the president's comments linking the issue of gun violence to the potential impacts on kids as a charade and they have also gone up with their own print ads as well. >> peter alexander at the white house. thanks so much. thanks for the report. meanwhile, in south africa the murder charges against oscar pistorius took another unexpected turn. a bizarre turn as the lead investigator was removed from the case. nbc's reporter joins me now. you can't make this stuff up.
10:52 am
tell me what happened. >> reporter: well, this is what happened on this, the third day of bond hearing. now a fourth day and expecting a decision tomorrow or perhaps on monday. today we did hear the closing arguments in this case, though. firstly from oscar pistorius's defense team saying there was no evidence that this was a preplanned killing and they said that the fact that oscar had tried to carry the girlfriend down the stairs out of the home showed that he was trying to save her life but then the prosecution retaliated. they said that this is a violent man, he has a history of violence. they said he had threatened the friends in the past with breaking their legs and they said that he shouldn't be granted bail simply because he's famous. but perhaps the greatest twist of this case today didn't even happen here inside the courthouse.
10:53 am
yesterday we heard from the lead investigator on this case. he was giving evidence against oscar pistori us arguing he should be denied bail. the investigator is charged with seven accounts of attempted murder, accused of opening fire on a mini bus filled with passengers. not clear how it might affect the case but the team will hope that it undermines the evidence he gave against him. >> thank you very much. thanks for that update. and what political story will be making headlines here at home in the next 24? that's next. for access to one of the top wealth management firms in the country. for a team of financial professionals who provide customized solutions. for all of your wealth management and retirement goals, discover how pnc wealth management can help you achieve. visit to find out more.
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so which political story makes headlines in the next 24 hours. we know that the president has called both speaker boehner and mitch mcconnell. so he's reaching out to republicans. days ahead of the sequester kicking in. >> you know, andrea, congress is still out. let me remind everyone they don't come back until next week
10:57 am
and seems reaching out to the offices, i could be wrong. congress could surprise me and get a huge deal done in a short period of time but gi mess is this is more about march 2nd and beyond than march 1st. i can't see a scenario right now if past is prologue where the sequester does not kick in on march 1st. >> you are not wrong, by the way. never are. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> that does it for us. join us on twitter. my colleague tamron hall has a look at what's next. hello, tamron. >> hi. great to see you. next hour, house democrats meet on capitol hill in about 30 minutes. set your clock. they're going to discuss what would happen or could happen if the sequester takes effect as president obama continues to pressure republicans to support his plan to replace the cuts. plus, the latest on what the white house is saying about mitch mcconnell and speaker john boehner and have you heard about
10:58 am
this? walmart e-mail s leaked and shos they're nervous about february sales saying where are the customers? is walmart the new barometer on our economy? and new insight in to the oscar pistorius murder case. a professor estimates less than 10% of murder cases in south africa end in conviction. this looeding professor will join us to discuss the latest developments, including the incredible turn of events that went down this morning. five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. it's healthier, ammonia-free. and with aloe, vitamin e, and coconut oil, my hair looks healthier than before i colored. i switched. you should too, to natural instincts.
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